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Texas Surf Museum

The Texas Surf Museum opened in the Summer of 2005. The museum was opened to share with the world the culture and history of surfing in Texas. In July of 2014, TSM changed from a privately owned museum to a non-profit organization. The switch to a non-profit will allow us to expand and participate in the community more than ever before. Our Education Program is being formed and will bring local schools to the Museum to teach todays generation about surfing- the rich history of the sport in general as well as in Texas, the science behind surfing and the many health benefits. We are also looking at collaborating with other local organizations and non-profits that not only will help educate our visitors about surfing, but also the Gulf Coast and beach and habitat conservation. Surfing is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle that encompasses cleaning up and preserving out environment for ourselves and for all future generations. We want to see that everyone that visits the museum understands that we are all connected and can not only make a difference in our own lives, but of those around us and our environment. The possibilities that lay before us are limitless and exciting and we are looking forward to it!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Surf Museum is to compile a record of Texas surfing history and culture; to preserve artifacts; and to educate the public on surfing history and culture.  


  • Establish an education program appropriate for all school aged children. 
  • Vibrant and authentic downtown attraction for both locals and visitors. 
  • Appropriate and compatible museum shop that supports the mission of the Museum. 
  • Unique private party/banquet facilities. 
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, hospitable, and informative service from all employees at all times. 
  • Spotless, efficient and inviting facilities. 

Core Values

  • Focused on results. We define and measure our goals  then strive everyday to achieve them.
  • We ask that our people accept responsibility for their jobs and do their best at work.  
  • Adhere to ethical standards of fundraising. We earn and keep the trust of all of our members, donors, sponsors and the community. 
  • We strive for a reasonably based business environment that integrates short term goals into a long term strategy. 
  • We believe in the team concept while recognizing the value of every single team member. We strive for positive mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, customers, members, donors, sponsors, vendors, and the community we serve.  
  • We are devoted to innovation and creativity. We learn from our mistakes. We value ideas and welcome change. 
309A N. Water Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

The Innovation Center’s client company, Keylate Solutions, makes plans to treat drinking water in Wills Point, Texas.

 Innovation Center supports and coaches local entrepreneurs.

 Four Innovation Center clients take the next step in entrepreneurship: graduation.

 Toby Globy’s mission to educate children about the environment was featured in Metro Leader Newspaper.



Current Clients

Access Curriculum Together
Cameo Education Games
CartoFusion Technologies
Enso Entertainment
Global Voice Productions
GROW Local South Texas
Innovaum, LLC
JROX Coffee Company, LLC
Keylate Solutions
Patomi Media Group
Pertexa Healthcare Technologies
Spontaneous Speech
Story Play/Sunfish Press
Tax Time Services
The Cord Keeper, LLC
Therapy Outsource Inc.
UEL Solutions (KiddieMath)
Variable Innovations
Weather on Wheels

Graduate Clients

Amistad Community Health Center
Anita Mallory Designs LLC
Bespoke Crates & Gates by Maricela Sanchez Art
Breathe Max
Ensemble Group
Great Sage
RHM Chemical
Risper’s Signature
Rugged Cycles
Sub See Adventures
Texas Sealife Center
Texas Surf Museum
Third Coast Controls
Toby Globy Eco Action