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Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center

who we are

"Entrepreneur" – Someone who pursues an opportunity by leveraging the ideas, resources, and capabilities that are available now.

Entrepreneurs include those who start new enterprises, run small and family-owned businesses, and launch new ventures within established companies and organizations to grow those companies or help them pivot effectively in response to economic shifts.

The Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (CBBIC) provides:

  •  Access to ideas, funding sources, and infrastructure (space, business services)
  •  Networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, connectors, and other local organizations that serve start-ups
  •  Partnership/Consulting to ”cross the chasm” from idea to venture
  •  Economic Data to guide decision-making

Our advantage:

  •  Connection to TAMU-CC and other research/idea centers
  •  Expertise in start-ups (ventures and new products)
  •  Connections in the region (and beyond)
  •  Curated region-specific economic data


Mission Statement:

The Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (CBBIC) is a key partner for community engagement and a catalyst for the Coastal Bend Region, linking research and resources from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) to community stakeholders through entrepreneurial education and training, and empowering entrepreneurial growth and economic development.


Our vision is that the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center drives economic growth through robust start-up activity, collaboration with community partners, and capacity development for entrepreneurs, organizations and communities resulting in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Our core values include respect for the individual, belief in the entrepreneurial journey, integrity, fairness and accountability in our actions, and the pursuit of excellence with deliberate collaboration determination.


Entrepreneurs drive economic growth and the overall well-being of communities. They are willing to explore possibilities, identify and create opportunities, and organize the financial, material, and human resources to turn those opportunities into sustainable ventures (profit and nonprofit) that are the backbone of a healthy community and economy.

As importantly, they embody an approach to life and leadership that goes beyond new venture creation. They exemplify resilience and creativity, persistence in the face of challenges, and a practical optimism and willingness to step-up and engage that carries well beyond the business realm.