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BillCutterz achieves significant discounts you won’t find anywhere else on monthly bills, without changing features or switching providers. Bills we can help with include cell phone, electricity, cable and satellite TV, Internet, trash/disposal and more. We make it easy for our customers to save money by doing the work for them while they sit back and enjoy life.

Mission Statement

Our services are risk free – If we don’t save you money, there is no charge to you.

Core Values

  1. Expeditious, courteous and effective customer service.
  2. Provide a User-Friendly website interaction for our customers
  3. Help people better their lives

Barry Gross

10201 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418
(855) 395-7283

Are you overpaying your bills? Billcutterz shares some tips to negotiate with utility companies. His company negotiates on behalf of customers to cut their utility bills.

Barry Gross, founder and president of BillCutterz, was on Fox News on January 31, 2014. He talked about on how his company helps people save more on their monthly utility bills.

The Innovation Center's incubation client, Access Curriculum Together (ACT), LLC. will be presenting at the Texas Assistive Technology Regional Conference in Houston.

 The Innovation Center’s client company, BillCutterz, continues to gain popularity by helping their customer’s save money on bills.

 FoxP2Go is taking major steps towards their company’s mission to provide a one-stop shop language services platform offering education and training services for language translation, interpretation and intercultural communication.

 The Innovation Center is aiding their client company in the exciting and emerging market of drones for commercial use.

 Coachnect joins the Incubation Program to advance virtual coaching business

 Tax Time Services joined the Innovation Center's Soft-Landing program.

Innovation Center helps client companies stay on task.

 ACT works with Premont on academic intervention.

Welcome our new soft-landing client DronePro LLC


  The Innovation Center welcomes seven new clients in the industries of engineering, entertainment, media, education, technology, and communications. The Innovation Center offers different programs to each client depending on their business development stages.



Current Clients

Access Curriculum Together
Cameo Education Games
CartoFusion Technologies
Enso Entertainment
Global Voice Productions
GROW Local South Texas
Innovaum, LLC
JROX Coffee Company, LLC
Keylate Solutions
Patomi Media Group
Pertexa Healthcare Technologies
Spontaneous Speech
Story Play/Sunfish Press
Tax Time Services
The Cord Keeper, LLC
Therapy Outsource Inc.
UEL Solutions (KiddieMath)
Variable Innovations
Weather on Wheels

Graduate Clients

Amistad Community Health Center
Anita Mallory Designs LLC
Bespoke Crates & Gates by Maricela Sanchez Art
Breathe Max
Ensemble Group
Great Sage
RHM Chemical
Risper’s Signature
Rugged Cycles
Sub See Adventures
Texas Sealife Center
Texas Surf Museum
Third Coast Controls
Toby Globy Eco Action